On-line Poster Display

of the AGU Chapman Conference
"The North Atlantic Oscillation"

convened by

Jim Hurrell, Yochanan Kushnir and Martin Visbeck

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Atmospheric Processes (session chairs: M. Baldwin and L. Polvani)

Global Climate Change and the NAO (session chairs: H. Graf, Y. Kushnir, and M. Visbeck)

Ocean, Land, Sea-Ice Response to the NAO (session chairs: T. Delworth and M. McCartney)

Coupled Ocean-Land-Seaice-Atmosphere Processes (session chairs: J. Marshall and C. Deser)

Impacts of the NAO (session chairs: K. Drinkwater and P. Lamb)

Indices (Instrumental and Proxy) (session chairs: C. Appenzeller and J. Hurrell)

Predictability (session chairs: D.B. Stephenson and R. Sutton)